Map of Bilaspur district of Himachal Pradesh.
" Bilaspur district of Himachal Pradesh"
Bilaspur was the last of the princely States to merge with Himachal Pradesh that became a part C State in 1951. It continued to enjoy the status quo till 1954 when it also got merged with the rest of the State. Bilaspur, which is the headquarters of the District with the same name, falls on the main highway between Chindigarh and Mandi or between Shimla to Mandi. The biggest man made lake Gobind Sagar drowned the old city of Bilaspur in the beginning of 60s but the first modern planned township had already started showing signs of growing up in 1958 to settled down the oustees. That is Bilaspur of today with public sector called  Diara and Raura and Government Sectors of Nihal and Changar.

Gobind Sagar: It is 90km long and covers an area of about it is a host to several water and shore birds. Fishing is a regular activity here.

Bear Gufa (cave):  There is this Gufa about 100m long in the town itself. The legend is that Rishi Beas used to pray on this end of the Gufa whose other end opened at Markandeya and that every morning the sage used to go to take a dip in holy water there.

Naina Devi:  The famous shrine of Naina Devi is 57km from Bilaspur and 34 from Kiratpur Sahib. The temple, up on a hill, presents a panoramic view of the town of Anandpur Sahib also of the low lying rages by the side of flowing Sutlej. Navratra Melas are held here that attract devotees from all over India, mostly from Punjab and Himachal.

Markandeya: The temple of Rishi Markandeya and the holy pond is situated about 20km form Bilaspur. It hosts a big mela during Baishaki.

Pir Bihuna:  This dargah (shrine) of a Pir is about 40km from Bilaspur. Both Hindus and Muslims visit the dargah and seek blessings for the Pir.

Shah Talai: It has gained importance because this place was the place for Baba Balaknath’s religious action and devotion. It is 64km from Bilaspur and has temples of Baba BAlaknaths, Baba Bhritrahari, Guga Chauhan and Naharsinghon the banks of Saryali Khadd(rivulet) . By the side of the temples, there is smoke fire (Dhoona) of Baba. Deotsidh temple is 5 km from here.

Source: Department of Tourism & Civil Aviation, Himachal Pradesh


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